Demanding applications such as used in precision measurement technology, medicine, electrical engineering, automotive industry, aerospace and much more, require special materials with outstanding properties as a foundation. These are found in tungsten and molybdenum as a base. Through alloys or doping with other elements and the expertise in processing these special metals, products are created that are characterised by their high specific density, a high absorption cross section, strength and rigidity as well as temperature and corrosion resistance.


The WELDSTONE Components Group, with sales and service locations in Europe, North- and South America as well as Asia, is a leading manufacturer of tungsten products. In addition to plasma and welding electrodes, the product range also includes tungsten heavy metal, tungsten copper and tailored tungsten special alloys. The company group controls the entire production process from the raw materials like ammonium paratungstate (APT) and tungsten copper through to the finished product. This guarantees consistently high product quality.

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