Joints which are created using welding technology accompany us every day in end products that we use ourselves and make our lives more pleasant. A lot of things we simply take for granted. But through MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma and laser welding – whether manual or automated – narrow as well as wide gaps are permanently closed and make it possible for pipelines, for example, to transport energy to us, makes us move quickly and conveniently from one place to the other and move goods from the producer to the supermarket shelves.


For more than 75 years and as the world market leader in arc welding technology, ABICOR BINZEL has been an important developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding technology products and system solutions as well as for tactile laser joining within the ABICOR GROUP. Well-conceived concepts make the daily challenging work of welders easier. The high quality and long service life of the products benefit raw material consumption and environmental protection. Sustainable thinking and action determine the technological and entrepreneurial development.


As one of the leading private label suppliers to the ABICOR GROUP, ASTARAS has been offering arc welding products and services since the company was founded in 2000. Another area of expertise is tungsten electrodes for TIG welding for the North American market.



Within the ABICOR GROUP, CANTESCO welding chemical products stands for professional chemical products for welding technology, which are developed and produced by KEMPER SYSTEM. Their areas of application are rust and corrosion protection, welding wire cleaning, cooling, leak testing, the prevention of weld spatter adhesion and the detection of pores and microcracks. Development laboratories in Germany and the USA ensure the constant further development of products. Modern production facilities guarantee the highest quality in accordance with national and international quality regulations.

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