It is the system solutions that bring simplicity, safety and cost-effectiveness to metal processing. In the ABICOR GROUP you will find highly developed complete solutions for cobot applications, orbital welding, robot applications, laser applications, process monitoring and extraction technology.


ABICOR SYSTEMS provides system solutions from the entire portfolio of all ABICOR GROUP companies and their co-operation partners. They welcome any challenge, no matter how great. The experts contribute their knowledge and experience with the aim of achieving the best solution for the appropriate requirement.


As a developer and manufacturer of exhaust air purification systems and filtration technology for cutting, welding, brazing, grinding and machining, HERR Industry System provides solutions for occupational health and safety for the ABICOR GROUP. The company’s portfolio ranges from reliable standard devices to customised developments. A comprehensive range of accessories such as extraction hoods, extraction arms, extraction tables and grinding tables complete the increasing requirements for a healthy workplace.


PT Photonic Tools is a medium-sized high-tech company that is part of the ABICOR GROUP with optical components for highly specialised laser applications in industrial production. Since 2013, the experts and researchers in laser technology, applied optics, precision mechanics and electronics have been developing and producing high-performance laser products that can be easily integrated into existing systems – and guarantee service throughout the entire life cycle of their products. A milestone among the developments is the optimised beam guidance for ultra-fast lasers.

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